Posted on October 3rd, 2012

rap genius Rap Genius Receives $15 Million Investment


If you have been on the Internet in the past year and Googled rap lyrics, tried to research them, etc… then you have more than likely been to Rap Genius. As their tagline reads, the team and their nearly endless list of contributors aim to provide the “meaning of rap lyrics.” More often these days, those explanations have even come from some of the rappers themselves from MCs like Nas, Intuition, and others.

And today, we’re receiving word that Rap Genius has received a whopping $15 million (!) investment from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Here’s what one of the co-founders, Marcus Andreessen, had to say about it:

It turns out that Rap Genius has a much bigger idea and a much broader mission than that. Which is: Generalize out to many other categories of text… annotate the world… be the knowledge about the knowledge… create the Internet Talmud…

There’s music in other genres and other languages, but what other categories? Poetry, literature, the Bible, political speeches, legal texts, science papers. And those are just the start. We think the community will continue to expand beyond rap into all culture. The potential of this company is large.

Finally, there’s the other reason – maybe even the real reason – why I’m so fired up about this idea and this investment. Only a handful of people know that the big missing feature from the web browser – the feature that was supposed to be in from the start but didn’t make it – is the ability to annotate any page on the Internet with commentary and additional information.

Dayumn!  Props to the crew over at Rap Genius. Can’t wait to see where y’all go next. [via]