Corina Rose Interview

Posted on January 2nd, 2016

San Diego is a hotbed for singer/songwriters. Jason Mraz cut his teeth here, and John Foreman, Trevor Davis and Gayle Skidmore are among the who’s who in one of SD’s favorite genres. San Diego musical artist, teacher, and activist Corina Rose is joining the ranks of those armed with a guitar and a cause with her recent release, Love is Everywhere – her sophomore album which gives listeners an intimate glimpse into the heart and mind of Corina Rose. Shortly after the release of her second album, Corina Rose took some time to share a bit about herself and her music with

GoodVibeSD: Who is Corina Rose?

Corina Rose: I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I am a singer, guitar player, lover, teacher, sister, and friend. I create myself everyday!

GoodVibeSD: You have such a diverse sound. Who are some of the artists who have come before you who have made an impact on your sound/style?

Corina Rose: Thanks ! I love Sade, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Bob Marley, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, and John Mayer.

GoodVibeSD: Let’s zoom in to San Diego now. Who are some other San Diego artists you have your eyes, or ears, on right now?

Corina Rose: My favorite San Diego musicians and bands are Steph Johnson, Rebecca Jade and The Cold Fact, Midnight Pine, Stevie Harris, Gabriela Y La Buena Onda, Todo Mundo, Gilbert Castallanos, and The Routine. My favorite DJ is DJ Artistic!

GoodVibeSD: Speaking of things going on in SD, you just released your second album, “Love is Everywhere,” recently. How has the reception been? Have you had some opportunities to share that music in a live setting?

Corina Rose: The reception has been great! I’ve gotten some really good feedback and I love sharing it with people. I’ve been performing the songs from this album in a live setting for the last few years while putting the album together.

GoodVibeSD: Looking back at your self-titled debut, and comparing it to “Love is Everywhere,” there is a drastic difference of approach as far as production goes. Why did you choose a bit more of a singer/songwriter approach this time around?

Corina Rose: I was inspired to learn the guitar and write different kinds of songs that were more personal, vulnerable, and heartfelt.

GoodVibeSD: We can extract a sense of your heart in your music, and in your previous answers, but what, explicitly, is your purpose/focus in creating music?

Corina Rose: My purpose in creating music is to fulfill my heart and soul. It’s a magical bonus that other people like it too! It makes me happy to know that others can enjoy something that I enjoy so much.

GoodVibeSD: You do it for you. And you do it for others. What event(s) led to you working toward using your music as a vehicle for activism, fundraising, etc?

Corina Rose: I started volunteering with Girls Think Tank, a grassroots activist group, about 8 years ago and became their music coordinator for their events.  I really loved combining the power of music with the power of social activism.

GoodVibeSD: As you work for the good of others, you undoubtedly make music for you as well. You have approached music in many different ways: in bands, as a solo artist, as an educator. Perhaps you could describe each of those different arenas and what you love about each one, and maybe describe how each strengthens the others.

Corina Rose: Each part of my life is fulfilling in different ways. I have always been into trying new things and challenging myself as a way to discover myself. Being involved with different aspects of music helps me stay inspired and motivated. It also helps me continue to learn and grow. Teaching is beautiful, being in a band is a fantastic experience, and performing as a solo act is great too!

GoodVibeSD: As you move forward as musical activist with a passion to educate others in both of those realms, where do you see your career going in the next couple of years?

Corina Rose: I am going on a tour next summer! With different groups, I will be producing events that be meaningful and musical, and perform at them too. I will be making music videos, writing new songs, and collaborating with other artists. I will continue to teach.  I will be growing, learning, and deepening my spiritual connection with the universe through music.

GoodVibeSD: Thank you so much for spending some time with Good Vibe SD today. Before we wrap this up, can you leave us with some last thoughts and let our readers know where they can connect with you, your music and your activism?

Corina Rose: Thank you! I am so excited to connect with new listeners! Patience and Kindness everyday. Love is Everywhere! J

You can find me at:

IG – corinarosemusic