Get to know Chelly Jane

Posted on March 15th, 2017

Chelly Jane found her place in an ever changing world, in music; she hopes to help others find such a place in her music. While Chelly may have spent much of her creative time behind the scenes as an engineer working on others’ projects, her skills behind the mic inevitably led to her being featured on many of those projects, as well as to the recent release of her EP, Sunsets in Southern California. While Chelly Jane has moved around a lot, as the title of her EP suggests, she considers southern Cali home. Chelly reps SD to the fullest and collaborates with others in that same vein. While Sunsets in Southern California may have been an “accident”, Chelly Jane’s current and future successes are anything but. Take a moment to read up on what sets the Southern California songstress apart as she sets some time aside for us here at Enjoy.

GVSD: So, who is Chelly Jane?

Chelly Jane: Chelly Jane is an average girl from San Diego, Ca. [lol] Currently I am known for my singing/songwriting and I dabble a little [a lot] bit in sound engineering/  producing.


GVSD: Let’s get right to the heart of your musical genesis. Tell us the story of when you said, “oh my gosh, THIS RIGHT HERE is what I’m going to do!” When did it happen? Where were you? What song were you listening to when it hit you?


Chelly Jane: Oh, man. Okay where do I begin lol. I grew up in a Filipino household, so naturally music had a HUGE influence in my home, karaoke machine and all haha. My father was active duty military for most of my life growing up. Which meant a lot of traveling and moving around. Throughout it all I found comfort in music because it was the only constant thing in my life I could count on to keep me leveled. I figured if this could make me feel this good, I want to do the same for other people who felt like me too! Literally ever since I could remember, I’ve always wanted to pursue music. I never was entirely sure how I was going to make it happen, but I knew that it was something that I wanted to do FOREVER.


GVSD: Along those same lines, which of your songs do you listen to and feel like you made it? Or at least like you are on the right track? Why?


Chelly Jane: Hmmm, AH MAN that’s a tough one. Lol it’s kind of like asking someone “pick which child makes you feel like an accomplished parent” lol … I love all my babies haha. But I really go off people’s vibes, if they mention that they like particular a song, then that becomes my “I made it” song! Lol


GVSD: At the end of 2016, you dropped an EP titled, Sunsets in Southern California. Can you tell readers a bit about what the album is all about, what inspired it and how you are feeling now that it is out and taking on a life of its own?


Chelly Jane: One funny fact about the project is…there was never suppose to be one. Collectively, it took a total of 3 years for me to finish. Around the time I started this journey, I was heavily involved in sound engineering for other artists and being more behind the scenes. After some time, I became more involved with the production process and started writing and singing hooks for some of the artists that would come to the studio. After a while every session consisted of “so when are we FINALLY going to hear something from CHELLY JANE???”. Safe to say that after a whole lot of convincing I finally decided to step up to the challenge. Probably one of the best decisions I ever made in my life [TBH].


GVSD: Perhaps being behind the scenes working with so many artists you have some insight here, but it really feels like there has been a shift in the hip hop/rnb scene in San Diego recently. It feels like we are working toward working together. I noticed that you have some pretty exciting features on Sunsets… ; Can you tell us a bit about why you chose the collaborators you did and a bit about what it was like working with them?


Chelly Jane: Man!!! All of them are so much fun to work with. What really stuck out to me about all of them is their drive, dedication and work ethic when it comes to their music.

The cool thing about all of them is that I’ve worked with them individually on their own projects before the idea of “SUNSETS…” came about. They are all so genuinely dope and they all represent SD!!  So when it was my turn to come around for features it was a no brainer who I wanted to be a part of it.


GVSD: Alright let’s start really digging into the music itself. Your music is current, yet you so nostalgically tap into and channel the essence of RnB’s Golden Era (c.2000). Who have been some of your biggest influences?


Chelly Jane: It’s funny that you mention that because that era alone was/is one of the biggest influences of my music (especially from the Golden Era). Some of my biggest are from the people you don’t normally go looking for when you think of some of the major RnB songs from back in the day: Brian Michael Cox is definitely one of my favorite producers of all time; followed by Quincy Jones and David Foster after that, lol and then of course the great artists like Whitney Houston, TLC, Boyz 2 Men, Lauryn Hill, Christina Aguilera ETC. [I can go on and on lol]


GVSD: “Rock with Me” is my favorite track on the EP, for sure. Can you tell us a fun story about the process of creating it, performing it, or about the night out that inspired it?


Chelly Jane: Funny story: The song changed about 4 times before me and Jay Wat [producer of the track] decided on the final version of RWM. Originally the song was just a portfolio piece for my senior year in college. Out of all the songs that were composed, this was the one that everyone loved the most. Safe to say this was the song that started “Sunsets…”


GVSD: Speaking of being out, where in San Diego do you go for Good Vibes?


Chelly Jane: I’m a homebody lol; I’d rather be at home and watch Netflix all night… BUT, on the rare occasion that I do step out, you’ll most likely catch me in Downtown or in a bar somewhere in North Park.


GVSD: Alright, back to the music. What are you currently working on? What’s inspiring you right now?


Chelly Jane: I’m excited to announce that I am currently in the process of putting together my first album. I feel like today’s music is going to be a big influence along with the style and people that I mentioned earlier.


GVSD: After spending some time with Sunsets in Southern California, I have to say, your music is very relatable, and I can’t help but imagine it translates well to live performances. Have you performed material from SSISC in a live setting yet? How did it go? Do you have any live shows coming up so that GoodVibeSD readers can enjoy your music live?


Chelly Jane: Yes I do! I will be at the “Love Card Experience” located at the Go Lounge in La Mesa next month on Sunday, March 12th.

GVSD: Chelly Jane, thank you so much for spending some time with GVSD today! Where can readers go to stay in tune with you, your music, and your movement?

No, THANK YOU!!! <3 They can find me on

On the website it has all my latest music, up and coming events, as well as all my social media links.