Meet TEC a Battle Bot winner

Posted on April 13th, 2017

GV: So how did you hear about Battle Bot?

TEC: I originally heard about Battle Bot through word of mouth, scrolling through my social media.

GV: If you have a producer name, how did you come up with it?

TEC: My producer name is essentially an acronym for a longer name i used to go by. When i was about 15 or 16 i started making music under the name Lethargik The Haggard, which turned into Lethargik The Earth Child soon after. As i got older, i wasn’t really trying to carry around such a long title so i shortened it to L-TEC & then ultimately just TEC.

GV: Who are some of your influences?

TEC: There’s so many to choose from.. the producer side of me grew up really deep into trip-hop, so i was listening to a lot of Blockhead, Portishead, RJD2, etc. in high school. Basically just a lot of trippy/mellow stuff i could relax to, & i guess not much has changed in that aspect. The MC part of me has always favored well thought-out & playful lyricism like a lot of Slug from Atmosphere’s early work, Grand Puba, Common, Living Legends, Pharaoh Monche, Gang Starr, etc. Too many to name!

GV: What devices do you use to make your beats/music?

TEC: I started off with nothing but records & the SP-303, but nowadays most of my production is done with Maschine. I still sample records for my sounds to keep that vintage feel though.

GV: How do you prepare for a beat battle?

TEC: Bring the heat & cross my fingers haha

GV: Are you part of a music group?

TEC: I’m originally a part of a crew called Apex Realm. We dropped a record about 5 years ago & rocked a handful of dope shows in our prime. Nowadays, i make most of my movements through Park & Wreck Collective, which is basically a music/arts collective that throws shows & promotes artists & whatnot.

GV: What artists have you worked with?

TEC: When I do collaborate, i tend to just work with homies from around the way that I vibe with. Andre Elias, Ricky Gutz, Kam, Becx, Dre Trav, 18sense., Ric Scales, Tall Can & Bob V. to name a few. I have something in the works with all of them at the moment.

GV: What’s your favorite part about making beats/music?

TEC: Probably the feeling of having someone tell you how your music affects them positively. Sometimes i trip out on being a human in general, so being a human who can impact people just by doing what you love to do is a pretty dope experience.

GV: Where can our audience find your music? Websites/residencies?

You can find me at;
instagram: @just_tec

TEC: Or cruise out to Hostelling International & checkout Park & Wreck Collective’s open mic cypher that I host & DJ with the Eskimo Bros. every first Sunday of the month.

GV: Finally, any shout outs?

TEC: Shout out the Park & Wreck fam, the Eskimos, anybody who i’ve built with over the years & anyone who supports the real. Shout to y’all at GoodVibe/NoSuckerDJs. Much love!