Bar1ne The Aux Cord Lord

Posted on May 17th, 2018

There’s not a hungrier DJ alive than New York-raised and SD-trained Bar1one, bar none. Five short years ago the San Diego transplant began learning the basics and dipping a toe in the waters of DJ culture, not knowing exactly where it would lead. He cut his teeth under the tutelage of the founder of San Diego Best DJ’s, DJ Artistic. Artistic, along with two of Bar1ne’s other mentors, Mr. Hek and DJ Fingaz, showed Bar1ne the breaks and gave him opportunities to apply all that they had passed down, and Bar1ne employed his tremendous focus and drive and came out the other end of these last 5 years as one SD’s most respected up and coming DJs. Randy “Bar1ne” Dunbar has recently become Lemon Grove (1207) rapper Rob $tone’s official DJ, and has spent the better part of the last couple of years getting large crowds ready for some of hip hop’s greatest, new and classic, at the now iconic North Park Observatory. This weekend, Bar1ne is taking all that he has learned over an intense last two years to create the dopest party of 2018, “Bar1ne and Friends” at the Music Box. Bar1ne took a break from planning this weekend’s bash to catch up with GoodVibeSD and with you. Read up. See you Saturday night!

GVSD: I always start here, so let’s go, who is DJ Bar1ne?

Bar1ne: Bar1ne is the aux cord lord. Bar1ne is the curator of great times. Bar1ne is the curator of memories. There’s a lot that comes with being Bar1ne, but other than that, I’m a DJ, a father, and entertainer, and a whole bunch of [other] things.

GVSD: Well, you have had quite the journey, and have covered a tremendous amount of ground in a relatively short period of time. While that’s true, every journey begins with a first step; what was the first step for Bar1ne?

Bar1ne: So, the first step, you know, I actually started taking lessons with DJ Artistic here in San Diego. And then from there, I first started at Bar Dynamite doing Tuesdays, Boom Bap Tuesdays spinnin’ hip hop records. Then I got a shot to DJ for concerts at the North Park Observatory and from there it just kinda took off.

GVSD: Rest in peace Bar D!!! Haha. So, when was that? How long ago were you rocking at Bar Dynamite? It wasn’t all that long ago, right?

Bar1ne: It was about two and a half years ago.

GVSD: Man. In two and a half years to go from taking lessons, right, and getting smaller gigs, to building, and to now being the official DJ of the San Diego rapper with arguably the most buzz in the city, Rob $tone. How did that happen? And how does it feel to essentially climb to an elite level in just 2 and a half years?

Bar1ne: How it happened between me and Rob was, you know, I was doing the shows [at the North Park Observatory], you know, and I would do like 3 shows a week and I was just gettin’ a lot of buzz off of that. And we had mutual friends, and mutual business partners, and over time him having the buzz that he had and me gettin’ the buzz that I have just kind of put us in the right situation and it’s been complete synergy since then.

GVSD: That’s super dope. I know you’ve worked your ass off to get where you are, but still, every Luke needs his Yoda, right? Everyone DJ needs a mentor as they come up in the game. Who’s been your mentor? Who are some DJs you look up to?

Bar1ne: I get lessons from a lot of like, older DJs; I learn a lot of lessons from older people in my life. But as far as professional mentors, DJ Artistic’s been one of my professional mentors along with Mr. Hek. Hek is one of the guys I mirrored my style, my DJ style, after. I added a little bit of my own flair to my sets and things like that, but he’s one of the DJs I like look up to. DJ Fingaz is another DJ that I look up to because he’s one of the DJ’s that got out of San Diego touring with a big artist, and going all over the place, you know. So, those guys.

GVSD: As you’ve honed your craft – adding your own flair you called it – and have taken what your mentors have passed down, and really put in work, you’ve created this entity, this brand that is Bar1ne. What sets Bar1ne apart from every other DJ out there?

Bar1ne: What sets me apart from everyone else is my mindset. I don’t sleep. I don’t sleep like the regular person, and I feed off of success; success is my drive. And completing my goals and the rest of the things I want to do in my life are the things that push me forward. You know, I don’t think anybody has that same drive, that same mentality I have. So, that sets me apart from everybody else and also, my mindset is an entrepreneurial mindset. Just being a DJ is not all I want to be, I’m more than just a DJ.

GVSD: Your hustle has put you on many stages, with many names. You’ve had your head down and you’ve been at 11 out of 10 for a while. Have you taken a second to look back and really take it all in?

Bar1ne: I just recently did that in New York. I went back home and I hadn’t been back home since my mom had passed away two and a half years ago. So I really just took some time and got back with some family and got re-adjusted and now the pushes forward to do things are on another level, on a crazy level.

GVSD: During your time home, did you have any, like, epiphanies? Other than coming back ready to level up, did you bring back any new perspective?

Bar1ne: You know, it was a lot. Just again, I hadn’t been back since my mom passed away, and I went to visit my father’s grave site, which I hadn’t visited since he passed away. I spent time with family I haven’t seen in over five or six years. Just really being humbled by everything, being humbled by my situation. And the genuineness of people who aren’t around you all of the time and have seen where you’ve come from at the beginning when you were a kid to who you are now, and to see them be really happy about your success and all of those other things…

GVSD: Now, if you don’t mind me asking, if you don’t mind getting this personal, I’d like to ask a question I hadn’t planned on asking. Do you feel like your mom’s passing, do you think that that kind of made you look at life differently? Do you think that that is why your first major push started about two and a half years ago?

Bar1ne: Um, well, I started DJing like five years ago. I was doing little things here and there and I was doing shows, but two and a half years ago I was at a full time job and I ended up quitting my full time job to become a DJ, so my passion and my drive for my life, as far as where I wanted to go and how I wanted to orchestrate my life, because I’m the only one in control of my life. So once I figured that out, I saw life from a different perspective. So I guess yes, that really increased my drive and my want to be great.

GVSD: Speaking of greatness, both New York and San Diego are known for raising legendary DJs, both nationally and abroad. What does it mean to you to know that you are tasked with carrying that legacy forward?

Bar1ne: Aw man, it’s been amazing, um, to even think that people hold me in that regard, or put me on that pedestal, as far as my grind, my hustle, and where I’ve been. You know, I still have a lot further to go and I know that there’s a lot that I haven’t done yet, but that I’m gonna be doin’ here in the future that’s gonna take things to a whole nother level. So, I feel like, not that I’m the only or the first DJ, you know, but most recently, being a guy that’s not from San Diego, throwing a concert at a multi-million dollar venue for the city – DJ-hosted, you know with a bunch of local DJs is big. You know, shout out to DJ Artistic, GoodVibeSD, and BattleBot, and all the other things that have come before [me and all that I am doing]. Um, you know, we’re just taking things to another level and puttin’ San Diego where it needs to be.

GVSD: For sure! SD’s hip hop scene is a formidable force! Beyond the near future, what do you see as you look ahead? What’s “success” look like for Bar1ne?

Bar1ne: You know, every goal that I set is big. To just be able to accomplish something is big in itself. I started figuring that out, like thinking, “Damn, I’ve accomplished something.” I’ve spent a lot of my life, not saying I’m a failure, but I didn’t do things to my fullest potential, so you know, I didn’t accomplish many things. So, once I became an accomplished person, once I was accomplishing tasks, those things became huge to me. And that’s what really drives [me], the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of knowing I did this, I set out to do this and I did it. A lot of the things that I’ve put on my list of things to do, I’ve done in the past two years. And there’s still more that I want to do, so until I run out of ideas, and I run out of things I want to do and places I want to be, I don’t think I’ll ever feel all of the way successful.

GVSD: Man. The drive is super respectable, and the vision is sure to keep you growing! As we begin wrapping up, let us know who we HAVE to be bumpin’ this summer! I mean, as a DJ, you’re supposed to curate what I should be listening to, right?

Bar1ne: For this summer? Oh shit, man shit, well, Rob $tone just dropped a new tape called, Young Rob $tone and I’d definitely check that out if I were you. It’s great music. And I’m just gonna keep it San Diego; you need to listen to: Poodeezy, Hardini, Nino Califonya, my brother and friend Fresh Breakfast Muk Dipped in Butter Lookin’ Like Life.

GVSD: Bar1ne, thank you so much for your time. Before I let you go, let us know how we can follow you and your movement. When and where should we be to experience a Bar1ne party?

Bar1ne: Alright, BAR1NE AND FRIENDS is this Saturday, at the Music Box in downtown San Diego. The tickets right now are five dollars, so, you know, think about a five dollar concert, a five dollar musical experience that is going to be historical for the city; you don’t want to miss that! At the door they’ll be ten dollars. We are talking state of the art sound, state of the art facility, bottle service, great music, great DJs and it’s just going to be a dope party. I just feel like there’s a lot going on in this city, and if the people support the movement, then it will be a huge success for us, and for the city, and for what we’re trying to push moving forward.

GVSD: Thank you so much for your time!

Bar1ne: Nah, man, I appreciate and #SDLovesHipHop. It’s been a long time coming to get this interview done, but I am so excited that you’ve shown extreme love. Just you picking me to do an interview man, I’m thankful because it’s not every day that people want to know about you, about your story and the things you’ve accomplished, so I appreciate that in a sense, and I am very humbled by it.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

- #SDLovesHipHop